Red nose swashbucklers ( RNS ) collection

What happens when over 7000 scaly wags ditch the pirate code? Answer (1): They create NFT images of themselves without using computer code and float them on the nearest gallery and wait! Answer (2) They donate their ill-gotten gains to charity Answer (3) They don`t advertise it widely due to fear of backlash View them at

Red nose swashbucklers ( RNS ) development team

To cut costs to the bone and deliver an affordable product, there is no team, just a buccaneering, can do spirit. Over 22,000 images have been created by hand in terms of layering, no computer coding employed, over a three month period, working 18 hours a day, seven days a week. Why was it done? Because the general consensus was that it could not be done; because digital art need not be supplanted by computer coding, just as digitalised art has not supplanted traditional art; because a significant amount of funds can be generated for charitable causes in the NFT market place if naked greed can be occasionally harnessed and aimed in this direction by paradoxically adopting a buccaneering spirit. These images are now being uploaded one by one, without minting code, on to Opensea NFT gallery.

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